About Us

Skyline Centro Urban Development was founded in 2015 to fulfill a vision of developing urban condominium and town home communities within the City of Buffalo. The leadership of Skyline Centro has a unique vision to provide new and creative housing solutions to the great neighborhoods of Buffalo, pairing a combination of our city's old school charm, with the modern style and amenities offered in the new construction multifamily and mixed use developments of today.

Buffalo has an amazing inventory of architecturally significant homes built over the past 150 years ago. We hope to continue that tradition, and that in 150 more years, people consider the homes that we've built to be in the same realm of architectural significance - Tim Horner, Skyline Centro President.

Prior to forming in 2015, our team spent considrable time living in Chicago and Charlotte, studying what good urban development looks like (as well as what it doesn't look like), with a goal of combining the traditional and very successful developments of Chicago, with the new urban design standards of Charlotte. It was during time spent in Milwaukee where the team was able to see first hand what happens when you integrate the historical infill development of Chicago with the modern ammenities of the Southeastern US. It's the feeling of the team that framework put in place in Milwaukee has created a proven blueprint to duplicate as we move forward on here at home in Buffalo.